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I. issue is‧sue 1 [ˈɪʆuː, ˈɪsjuː ǁ ˈɪʆuː] verb [transitive]
1. to officially give something such as a document to someone who needs or wants it:
issue somebody with something

• Northwest Airlines issued fliers with discount coupons.

• Visa USA licenses US financial institutions to issue Visa cards.

2. FINANCE if an organization issues Securities such as bonds and shares, it makes them available for people to buy:

• The company recently issued bonds with yields under 10%.

• The company had been given permission to issue up to 35 million new shares to more than 100,000 employees in 29 countries.

3. BANKING if a bank issues coins or banknote S, it makes them available and puts them into circulation:

• The Bank of England issues notes and acts a banker to the government.

  [m0] II. issue issue 2 noun [countable]
1. FINANCE the act of making Securities such as bonds, shares etc available for sale, and the securities themselves:
issue of

• The shareholders are expected to approve two issues of common stock.

• Please confirm total number of shares in issue (= existing ) at the end of the period in order for us to update our records.

ˌauthorized ˈissue also authorised issue FINANCE
the largest amount of capital a company is allowed to have in the form of shares; = AUTHORIZED CAPITAL; AUTHORIZED STOCK:

• To finance the expansion programme, the company doubled its authorised issue from 5 billion to 10 billion pesos.

ˈbonus ˌissue FINANCE
when a company changes part of its reserves (= past profits that have not yet been paid out to shareholders ) into share capital. This increases the number of shares held by each shareholder and reduces the value of each share, making them easier to buy and sell; scrip issue:

• The board has proposed a bonus issue of one new share for each 10 shares held.

capitaliˈzation ˌissue also capitalisation issue FINANCE
another name for bonus issue
ˈcash issue FINANCE
another name for rights issue
ˌeuro-ˈequity ˌissue FINANCE
when a company's shares are made available internationally, rather than just in the country where the company is based
new ˈissue FINANCE
1. when new shares are issued in companies that are already on the stockmarket, or when new bonds are issued:

• During the first quarter, new issues of bank equity rose to $1.575 billion.

2. when shares are issued on a stockmarket for a company that was not Listed on it before:

• While private investors may be cautious about new issues, institutional demand is apparently holding up.

ˌpublic ˈissue FINANCE
when shares, bonds etc are made available for anyone to buy:

• It plans to raise about C$36.8 million through a public issue of 5.2 million common shares.

ˈrights ˌissue FINANCE
an occasion when a company makes new shares available to existing shareholders. The new shares are usually cheaper than the current value of the existing shares:

• The company plans to raise A$322 million through a 1-for-5 rights issue.

ˈscrip ˌissue FINANCE
another name for bonus issue:

• The television company plans to repeat June's 1-for-1 scrip issue after seeing its shares double in nine months.

ˈshare ˌissue also ˈstock ˌissue FINANCE
when new shares in a company are made available for sale to the public; = share offer:

• The company has announced it will be launching a £3.25 million share issue.

• The brewery started production in the summer, having raised £850,000 through a share issue.

ˈtender ˌissue also ˌissue by ˈtender FINANCE
1. a share issue in which offers above a particular price are invited for the shares:

• Some of the early privatization issues such as Britoil and Cable and Wireless were tender issues.

2. in Britain, an issue of Treasury bill S that is made every week by the Bank of England:

• Discount houses underwrite the weekly tender issue of Treasury bills by bidding competitively for those not sold.

2. an occasion when a bank or government makes new paper money or coins available to be used :
tender issue of

• Before Christmas the issue of banknotes is increased to meet the extra demand.

ˈnote ˌissue FINANCE
1. an occasion when banknote S are made available and put into circulation
2. the total value of banknote S that are available for use at a particular time:

• For 200 years, the Bank of England maintained an adequate gold stock to back the note issue.

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issue UK US /ˈɪʃuː/ noun
[C or U] (also issuance) FINANCE, STOCK MARKET the offer for sale by a company or organization of financial products such as shares or bonds: »

bond/stock/share issue

the issue of sth »

Shareholders approved the issue of 12 million shares of preferred stock.

in issue »

Total shares in issue are in excess of the those stated in the report.

at/on issue »

While the shares dipped below the price at issue, some buying support lifted the stock back into positive territory.

[C] FINANCE, STOCK MARKET all of a particular type of shares, bonds, etc. that are offered for sale together: »

Since it is the largest issue and the market is witnessing poor performance, investors might not get value.


We launched an exchange offer to buy back existing bonds in return for a new issue.

[C] a group or series, or one of a group or series, of things that are made available, published, or printed at the same time: an issue of a journal/magazine/newspaper »

The latest issue of the journal features interviews with twelve great business leaders.


today's/this month's/Saturday's/etc. issue


Issue number one of the comic book sold for $1.2 million at auction.

[C or U] MONEY the act of making available coins, currency, or stamps by a government, or the items themselves: »

Issue of a new ten rupee coin replaced a note of a similar denomination already in circulation.


We expect the release of two commemorative coin issues by the United States Mint.

[C] a subject or problem that people think or talk about, or need to deal with: address/tackle/resolve an issue »

The service offers confidential help to filers who cannot resolve an issue through normal channels.


consider/discuss an issue


a central/core/key issue


a major/minor issue

a critical/serious issue »

Health care could become a critical issue in political debate.


a complex/controversial/sensitive issue

[C] LAW a question that people still disagree about after all sides have argued for their clients in court: »

Pleadings, depositions, and admissions on file show that there is no genuine issue.

be at issue — Cf. be at issue
take issue with sth — Cf. take issue with sth
See also AUTHORIZED ISSUE(Cf. ↑authorized issue), BANK OF ISSUE(Cf. ↑bank of issue), BONUS ISSUE(Cf. ↑bonus issue), CAPITALIZATION ISSUE(Cf. ↑capitalization issue), CASH ISSUE(Cf. ↑cash issue), CORPORATE ISSUER(Cf. ↑corporate issuer), EURO-EQUITY ISSUE(Cf. ↑euro-equity issue), FREE ISSUE(Cf. ↑free issue), OUTSTANDING ISSUE(Cf. ↑outstanding issue), SCRIP ISSUE(Cf. ↑scrip issue)
issue UK US /ˈɪʃuː/ verb [T]
FINANCE, STOCK MARKET to offer for sale financial products such as shares or bonds: »

issue shares/stock/bonds


The notes are being issued to fund public infrastructure improvements.


About $8.8 billion of debt was issued to pay dividends.

to officially publish or announce something: issue a report/statement/warning »

A competitor issued a statement calling its bid superior to the one that had been accepted.


issue an apology/a notice/an order


The city issued a certificate of occupancy for the new building.

LAW to start a legal process: issue a warrant/writ »

The judge issued a writ of possession, an order that allowed the bank to take possession of the collateral.

to give someone something, especially officially: issue sth to sb/sth »

Officials issued new passports to refugees at the consulate.

issue sb with sth »

Employees who are off sick for more than seven days will be issued with notes.

MONEY to make or release new coins, currency, or stamps: »

The regime in December issued new currency and wiped out private savings.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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